Fewer Acne Scars with Sublative Rejuvenation Technology

Fewer Acne Scars with Sublative Rejuvenation Technology

Sublative Rejuvenation TechnologySublative Rejuvenation Technology could Significantly Reduce Acne Scars

Cosmetic technology is advancing, and there is a new kid in town: sublative rejuvenation. It is safe, effective and works on virtually any kind of skin tone.

Since it is not laser- or light-based, sublative rejuvenation harnesses its power from gentle energy currents — also known in scientific terms as fractionated bi-polar radiofrequency. It is capable of penetrating deep into the skin and stimulating the production of collagen beneath the skin surface while at the same time maintaining outer skin intact.

In the past, different kinds of energy have been used by dermatologists to stimulate the growth of collagen as well as skin tightening. Some of the procedures that are not considered surgical yet they are so aggressive that they require several weeks of downtime include Titan, Fraxel and Thermage. They cause the overheating of the skin’s top layer to the point that it can be complete ablated. Even if new skin develops eventually, this process is very slow and painful. While very few skin types visibly show any response to these procedures, many potential complications also cause them to be prescribed to very few acne patients.

In contrast, sublative rejuvenation has the same kind of outcome as these aggressive acne treatments, yet with no pain, costs, downtime, side effects or any visible injury to the outer layers of the skin. Since the application of focused energy currents to the skin is done in a matrix, its upper layers are bypassed in such a way that natural collagen production is stimulated directly at the source. This leads to the resetting of the body’s regenerative process, making the outcome to continue getting improved as time goes by.

A stream of gentle heat is directed at the underlying connective tissue, at the point where the skin is joining the muscle. It is the same layer that gets tightened when a conventional facelift is being done. The tissue then contracts and eventually lifts, resulting into subtle tightening of the formerly loose skin.

Sublative rejuvenation has also been dubbed as an intelligent technology since it allows dermatologists to get feedback on the impact of energy on the underlying skin layers on a screen as the procedure is being carried out. This enables the treatment to be targeted at the most appropriate locations of acne skin. To penetrate the skin and stimulate the production of collagen fiber from inside small pin holes are used to guide the radio frequency waves.

Apart from having immediate results, sublative rejuvenation also continues to improve in the following few months after the procedure is done, leading to:

– a lower number of acne scars, discolourations and sun damage;
– enhanced elasticity and radiance;
– more lifted skin;
– more even skin tone;
– smoother and more supple skin texture.

A typical sublative session takes less than one hour. To get optimum results from the procedure, it is recommended that you have three visits, separated by 4-6 weeks, though the number of sessions you will have will depend on the acne condition of your skin. With each sublative treatment, your inner skin experiences incremental improvements as collagen growth continues gradually. This in turn leads to the gradual improvement of your outer skin appearance.

Some acne patients will have a warm, prickly feeling as energy enters their skin, a sensation more or less like a rubber-band snap. Following treatment, a pink or reddish flush that often looks like a mild sunburn is also commonly observed on the skin. Reducing the temporary discomforts that may be experienced during a treatment procedure can be achieved using topical anesthetic ointments or cool gels. Sublative rejuvenation leads to no serious after-effects of treatment such as crusting or peeling off, allowing most acne patients to resume their normal lives after treatment.

Video presentation of the Sublative Rejuvenation Technology

For more information on Sublative Rejuvenation Technology visit http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

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